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What is Empire's 360° Health® program?
A total health solution that helps members become more healthy, or live better with a condition, while lowering the cost of health care.
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Why Offer Empire EAP

Empire EAP is designed to promote healthy people and healthy companies. Increased demands in the workplace and at home can create added stress and anxiety for employees. Empire EAP puts convenient resources within your employees' reach and that helps keep them - and your company - healthy.  
Invest in Your Success
By offering Empire EAP, you are not only helping your employees resolve personal concerns before they grow into major issues, but you are also investing in the success of your business.  
You can attract and keep top performers by offering a more valuable employee benefit plan.
You can boost productivity in the workplace by giving employees an easy and confidential way to receive the help they need for managing personal issues
You may see a lower use of sick time as employees take fewer "mental health" days.
Enhance your human resources services and strengthen your management team's ability to respond appropriately to workplace situations through training and workshops.
Identify and proactively stabilize employee issues through supportive telephone consultations to supervisors and managers who are dealing with troubled employees or situations.
May reduce costs and receive increased risk management by offering employees and their household members face-to-face counseling sessions - at no cost to them - before using their behavioral health benefits through their health plan.
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