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Discounts and Savings

Save Money on Your Prescriptions
Here are three easy ways you can get the most from your pharmacy program:  
1. Choose from the Drug List
You can save money by selecting a medication from our drug list. Depending on your plan, medications that are not on the drug list may have a higher copay amount or may not be covered.  
Click on one of the two versions below to read or print the drug list. 

Drug list – alphabetical order

Drug list - tiered

2. Switch to Generics
When appropriate, choosing a generic medication can help you save money. Generics are continually added to the drug list as new medications become available on the market.  
Here are some facts about generics you should know:  

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic drugs contain exactly the same active ingredients and are just as safe and effective as brand-name drugs.

The rigorous FDA requirements for manufacturing and quality control are the same for brand-name and generic medications.

Generics typically cost 30-60 percent less than brand-name drugs.

You should always talk with your doctor first about switching from brand-name drugs to generics. Together you can make the decision that is best suited to your treatment plan.  
3. Sign up for Home Delivery of Medication
Many people find they save money on their medications by ordering them through the Home Delivery. Ordering is easy. And you get the added convenience of delivery right to your door.  
Save money through the home delivery pharmacy:  

You could save up to 33% – pay only two copayments (instead of three at retail) for each three-month (90-day) supply of medication through home delivery.

Get free standard shipping right to your home.

Home Delivery Pharmacy Order Form.

To find this form, log in to your health plan website, visit the Pharmacy page, then select “View Your Pharmacy Benefits” to get to Express Scripts’ website. On the Express Scripts site, select the Blank Prescription Order Form from the Printable Forms section.

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