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webVisits® Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that may help you better understand the benefits of using a webVisits®, powered by RelayHealth.  
What is a webVisit®?
A webVisit® allows you to have a consultation with your doctor online about non-urgent medical care. From the convenience of your computer, you can sign in and send a message to your doctor or your doctor’s office. Select the webVisit® that is right for you, take your time to answer a series of questions about your specific concerns. Your answers will help your doctor provide you with the appropriate care and may save you a trip to his or her office.  
Will I be charged for using this service?
There is a co-payment of $5 for each webVisit® that is considered a covered medical consultation. You can charge the co-payment to your credit card. There is no charge for all other communications with your doctor’s office such as requesting appointments, medication refills, lab results, and referrals. Please note that webVisit® will be handled just like any other office visit with respect to deductibles, lifetime or annual benefit limits and any limits on out-of-pocket expenses.  
Are other members of my family eligible for webVisit®?
Yes, all family members insured under your Empire health plan are eligible to use the service. There is a $5 co-payment for each covered webVisit® initiated by each member.  
Is my privacy protected?
A webVisit® message uses the latest secure technology. Only you and your doctor’s office have access to any of the information that is communicated through a webVisit®
Can I visit with any doctor?
® can occur with any doctor registered with RelayHealth; however, you can only take advantage of the $5 co-pay with doctors participating in this Empire program. WebVisit® conducted with a non-participating physician will be subject to a payment determined by that doctor.  
How do I know if my doctor is participating in the program?
To start, simply click on "Find a Doctor" anywhere on Empire's website at empireblue.com. When you review your search results, if the doctor is participating in Empire’s program with RelayHealth, you will see a link next to the doctor’s name. Click on the link and you'll then be taken to www.relayhealth.com. You may also search the RelayHealth website to see if a doctor participates with RelayHealth. Before any co-pay is charged, RelayHealth will make you aware if that doctor is participating in Empire’s program. Physicians are added every day to Empire’s program so the number of participating physicians will expand over time. Remember, if a physician participates with RelayHealth, it does not mean that the physician is participating in Empire’s program with RelayHealth.  
How do I get started with a webVisit® once I know my doctor is participating in the program?
Simply ask your doctor or the office staff and you'll get instructions on how to initiate a webVisit®. Or log in at www.relayhealth.com.  
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