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Every hour of regular, vigorous exercise can add 2 hours of life expectancy.

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360° Health Overview
Everybody wants to feel better, be healthier. 360° Health® can actually help you do it.  
Whether you’re living with a chronic condition, you’re fit and want to stay that way or you fall somewhere in between, 360° Health surrounds you with the tools, resources and support to help you live healthier. You can save money, too.  
The reason is simple: When you feel good you’re more productive which can mean lower health care costs all around. Better health. Lower costs. It’s what 360° Health is all about.  
We’re ready. Are you? Let’s get started.  
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It’s simple really. 360° Health is your call to action. Forget the excuses; forget the hassles. You see, with 360° Health, everything you need to help you live healthier is in one place – information, guidance and motivation, paired with one of the nation’s broadest networks of health care professionals.  
This powerful combination has resulted in some great outcomes for our members. Just ask them. We did. And according to a recent internal survey, more than four out of five who have used a 360° Health program say their health has improved as a result.  
360° Health brings together all of the resources, tools and programs we have in place to help members and their families:  
Manage and maintain their health
Make more informed health care decisions
Get the most value from their health care dollars
Optimize their own level of wellness
Improve Your Health with Innovative Tools & Resources:
Good information is key to making good choices. Let MyHealth@Empire be your online resource for member health and wellness information. Our trusted site has interactive tools that help you check your health status and learn what you can do to improve it. You can calculate your body mass index. Find the most up-to-date information on health topics and treatments. Take advantage of discounts and special offers. Call the AudioHealth Library to hear confidential, educational recordings that cover nearly 500 health topics in both English and Spanish.  
Login or register for the site right now and you can take our online Health Assessment - it helps you to identify potential health issues you may have and how you may be able to help reduce them.  
Get Guidance from Experts:
Our 24/7 NurseLine is available around the clock, staffed by our dedicated nurses. They can assist you with general health and wellness questions and also provide educational information when you have potentially critical health concerns, to help you determine whether you should seek emergency care.  
Manage a Condition:
Just because you're living with a chronic condition doesn't mean you've lost control of your health. 360° Health's ConditionCare programs can help you better manage chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease (CAD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Our nurse coaches work with you individually to help you take steps toward optimal wellness. There are additional support resources, too, to help you stay motivated such as our website featuring the latest health news and educational mailings specific to your health needs.
To learn about how our programs and services come together and surround you with real health care to fit your needs and lifestyle, watch our care study videos. They are the stories of people just like you who are experiencing the 360° Health difference. Bonnie’s Story
To learn more, choose from these action-oriented health goals:
Improve Your Health
Get Guidance
Manage a Condition
360° Health program offerings vary by state. Specific programs are included in your health plan and others are available for additional cost. If enrolled in a group product, contact your human resources department or benefits administrator as appropriate for eligibility and further details. Those members enrolled in an Individual (or Direct Pay) product may contact your Customer Service Representative at the number on the back of your Health Plan ID card for further details.  
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