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What is Empire's 360° Health® program?
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Learn more about how you can communicate with your doctor online for non-urgent matters!

Starting today you can “visit” your doctor in a whole new way… quickly, securely and when it’s most convenient for you. Empire has partnered with RelayHealth® to bring you what is called a webVisit®. A webVisit® enables you to communicate with your doctor online and to receive consultations for non-urgent matters as well as other types of information.  
You’ll love the convenience of a webVisit® because it enables you to: 

Get in touch with your doctor from practically anywhere, anytime

Avoid busy signals, answering machines and waiting on hold

Skip unnecessary office visits (saving travel time, traveling expenses and time away from work or home)

It’s as simple as using e-mail.
Each webVisit® features interactive questions about your health that gives your doctor information regarding your condition. You’ll find over 130 categories of questions to help you address a specific issue, or you can type in a simple message of your own (e.g., a question regarding any medications you are taking). 
It costs less than an office visit.
You will be charged a $5 co-payment for each webVisit® that is considered a medical consultation. It will be charged to the credit card of your choice after you complete the webVisit®. This amount is lower than your doctor’s office visit co-pay. webVisits® will be handled just like any other office visit with respect to deductibles, lifetime or annual benefit limits and any limits on out-of-pocket expenses. There are no co-pays or other fees for non-consultation or convenience services such as appointment requests, prescription renewals, lab result requests and simple Notes to Doctor. Your physician may not bill you for these types of services.  
The webVisit® is only one of many features of RelayHealth’s webVisit® program. By signing up with RelayHealth you can also: 

Schedule an office appointment

Request a new prescription or refill

Request lab results

Request electronic referrals

Send a non-clinical note to your doctor

Interested? Here’s what to do:
1. Make sure you meet the following criteria: 

You must be an Empire HMO or Direct POS member.

Your doctor must participate in the program. (See #2 below.)

If your webVisit® will be with a specialist, please be sure to check your plan benefits to find out if a referral from your PCP is required for visits with specialists. If so, you will need one for the webVisit®. Simply ask your PCP for a referral in advance of the webVisit® and provide this referral number to your specialist. After you complete the webVisit®, there is nothing more for you to do. The specialist will submit the referral number with his bill to Empire.

You must be a “patient of record.” (This means you must have an existing relationship with your physician; a webVisit® cannot be your first contact with a new physician.)

2. Check to see if your doctor is participating in the program. 

There are two ways to do this:

Go to www.empireblue.com and select “Find a Doctor.”

Search for your doctor by entering specific criteria, such as health plan, specialty and location. After you receive your results, if you see “Consult with this Doctor Online,” you will know the doctor is participating in the program.

Then click on the link.

Contact your physician directly to see if he/she participates.

3. Follow the simple online directions and begin your webVisit®

Making sure you get the best possible medical care starts with convenient access to your doctor. Learn more about webVisits® at www.empireblue.com today.

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