Enhanced Personal Health Care helps doctors do what they do best — take care of you
Enhanced Personal Health Care is a new approach that helps you get the right level of care, from the right kind of doctor, at the right time. It focuses on the quality of care doctors give, not the number of patients they see.

Doctors who practice Enhanced Personal Health Care treat you as a whole person, not just a sore throat or backache. They:
  • Offer lots of ways you can get care. May offer extended office hours, email communications or Web visits to spend more time with you. That means they can take more time to listen to you. So you don't feel as rushed.
  • Don't just take care of you when you're sick. They work with you to get and keep you healthy. That means checking to see if you got that eye exam or annual physical.
  • Ensure your overall care makes sense. They know your history, specialists, medications, lab results and more to help you make the best decisions for your health care, together. Doctors will use this knowledge to coordinate your treatment with your other doctors — so you get the right care.

And when you choose a primary care physician (PCP) from your health plan network who practices Enhanced Personal Health Care — you're helping us help you. We can send notes and reminders to your doctor about preventive care, keep them in the loop when you've had an ER or hospital visit — and we can all work together so your overall care makes sense.

To find doctors in your health plan network who offer this care — use our Find a Doctor search tool. Select the type of doctor and location, and then under Show more options select the box next to "Only show Doctors Participating in Enhanced Personal Health Care."