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Empire Text Messaging Programs

June 09, 2019
Connect with your health. Anytime. Anywhere.

Empire text or mobile messages (SMS/MMS) send you timely and relevant info, based on what you say your interest is. Once you subscribe, you’ll get messages based on what you selected on

If you get something from us by email, print/mail or a web campaign, you may be able to text us back, for more info about it

Health & Wellness Program

Get text alerts on healthy eating, exercise, lifestyle and national health awareness programs. Plus, get preventive care reminders and occasional surveys to help us keep messages relevant to your interest. You won’t get more than 1 message per week. Message and data rates may apply.

Status updates program

When you submit a claim, we’ll send some texts while it’s moving through our system, to keep you up-to-speed on where it is. You may get more frequent messages if you have a lot of claims in process, but no more than 3 messages per day. Message and data rates may apply.

Payment reminders program

Sign up for Payment Reminders and we’ll let you know when your monthly bills are due and when we get your payment. You will receive up to 4 reminder messages based on how you set up your payment schedule and a confirmation for each payment you make that includes amount paid. Message and data rates may apply.

Prescription notifications program

Sign up for Prescription Alerts, including Order Status Updates and Refill Reminders. We’ll let you know the status of your pharmacy orders and when to refill your medications. Frequency and number of messages received depends on the prescription notifications you have selected for alerts and any prescription activity. Message and data rates may apply. Wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

  • Text STOP to 2384929656 or 85426 to stop receiving IngenioRx Home Delivery Pharmacy messages.
  • Text STOP to 77827 or 81827 to stop receiving IngenioRx Specialty Pharmacy messages.

Need help? Call the Pharmacy Member Services number on your ID card. Or:

  • For help with the IngenioRx Home Delivery Pharmacy SMS program, text HELP to 23849, 29656 or 85426.
  • For help with the IngenioRx Specialty Pharmacy SMS program, text HELP to 77827 or 81827.
Appointment Scheduling Program

When you use our online appointment scheduling system to request an appointment with a doctor, we will let you know once your appointment is confirmed. You can also cancel your appointment online, and we will send you a message letting you know the cancellation went through. Message and data rates may apply.

Change your “opt-in” anytime

Go to anytime to manage your preferences and stop getting texts. Or, if it’s easier, text one of these codes from you mobile device any time — you’ll quickly get a text back to confirm.

  • Text NOWELL to 94099 to stop receiving Health & Wellness messages.
  • Text NOCLAIMS to 94099 to stop receiving Status Update messages.
  • Text NOPAY to 94099 to stop receiving Payment Reminder messages.
  • Text NOAPPT to 94099 to stop receiving Appointment messages.
  • Text STOP to 94099 to unsubscribe, and not receive any mobile alerts that you requested from Empire.
Important Info to Remember

Text messages are not encrypted and may contain confidential information. Texts may also be intercepted, accessed, or retained by third parties.

Need help?

Get help to start or stop receiving alerts. Send an email to or Text HELP to 94099.

Ask about Empire products and services. Call 1-866-755-2680 or go to

For information about your plan or membership. Call Member Services at the number on the back of your ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to get text messages from Empire?
There is no cost to enroll and participate in Empire’s text messaging programs. But message and data rates may apply.

What is SMS?
Short Message Service (SMS) is another way of saying text or mobile messaging. They’re primarily communications to and from mobile or cell phone devices, usually up to 160 characters long.

Is SMS the same as text messaging?

What is the difference between text messaging, SMS and MMS?
Short message service (SMS) is a standard text message format. Multimedia message service (MMS) is also a text message style — but can include pictures, video, sounds and text.

Does my phone support SMS/MMS?
Most cell phone plans in the United States support SMS/MMS. Call your mobile service provider if you’re not sure.

Is there a fee for SMS/MMS?
Standard messaging rates may apply. We don’t charge for sending you texts. But if you normally pay for texts, or if you have a certain number each month, the same thing applies to texts you get from us. Call your mobile service provider to check.

What mobile service providers support Empire’s texting programs?
Supported carriers are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, Verizon Wireless, Boost, Cricket, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular, Virgin Mobile, ACS Wireless, Appalachian Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular, Carolina West Wireless, Cellcom, C-Spire Wireless (formerly Cellsouth), Cellular One of East Central Illinois, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Cross (dba Sprocket), Duet IP, Element Mobile, EpicTouch, GCI Communications, Golden State, Hawkeye (Chat Mobility), Hawkeye (NW Missouri Cellular), Illinois Valley Cellular, Immix (Keystone Wireless / PC Management), Inland Cellular, iWireless, Mobi PCS (Coral Wireless LLC), Mosaic, MTPCS / Cellular One (Cellone Nation), Nex-Tech Wireless, nTelos, Panhandle Telecommunications, Peoples Wireless, Pioneer, Plateau, Revol Wireless, Rina - Custer, Rina - All West, Rina - Cambridge Telecom Coop, Rina - Eagle Valley Comm, Rina - Farmers Mutual Telephone Co, Rina - Nucla Nutria Telephone Co, Rina - Silver Star, Rina - South Central Comm, Rina - Syringa, Rina - UBET, Rina - Manti, South Canaan / CellularOne of NEPA, Thumb Cellular, Union Wireless, United, Viaero Wireless, West Central Wireless, Leaco, Nemont/Sagebrush. T-Mobile is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

Is my privacy protected?
Please see our privacy policy.

What is a short code?
The short code is a 5-6 digit shortened phone number that mobile phone companies assign to businesses sending text messages over their network. You can text HELP to the short code for more information on the business and the program. These codes are individually approved by each mobile service provider, preventing spam and illegal marketing from their networks.

Who is "94099"?
Empire has registered this number (called a short code) in the United States. We intend to make sure that all messages you get from us on your cell phone will note this number or the word EMPIRE as the sender. So you can make sure that a message is from Empire and not someone else.

What is a keyword?
A keyword is a 4-12 alpha/numeric “key” that differentiates campaign actions on a short code.

Why can't I get the entire content of an article via SMS message?
The SMS standard specification is 160 characters maximum for a text. So, we don’t send you texts that are more than that.

I have a question about this service that was not answered above. How do I get it answered?
Send an e-mail to, answers about our text messaging services.