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Absence and Disability Management Plans

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Flexibility For Your Business

Looking for the right absence and disability management solution? Look no further than Anthem. We provide the services of a traditional absence and disability carrier, as well as significant added value when you combine Anthem's absence and disability management plans with our group health insurance plans.

Integrated Disability


Every disability claim is a medical or behavioral event requiring a visit with a doctor. So, it’s important that your disability and medical plans communicate with each other. Our Empire Whole Health Connection® program connects our disability plans with our medical plans, which can help reduce disability and medical costs and streamline the customer experience.

Short And Long Term Disability Plans


Our innovative contract features and provisions, combined with personalized claim management, help employees protect their financial wellbeing and get back to health, back to work, and back to life.

Absence Management


Our solutions make it easy to outsource leave management, implement an absence management strategy, and ensure compliance and consistent leave determination across each work location. Outsource your Family Medical Leave (FML) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Administration to Anthem to help simplify your benefits management.

Learn more about Anthem’s latest innovations in disability insurance in this video.

Group Disability Insurance Plans For Any Size Business

Small Business
Disability Plans


Our small business disability plans provide employers with affordable coverage options while helping employees who experience a disability get back to health, back to work, and back to their regular lives. Plans are designed for businesses with 2 to 100 employees.

Large Group
Disability Plans


Our large group plans offer features for employers to design a disability plan that best meets the needs of their workforce. Plans are designed for businesses with 2 to 100 employees.

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our small and large group life plans.

Valuable Extras

These valuable extras are included with all of our disability plans.

Resource Advisor

Our Resource Advisor program helps with emotional, legal, and financial counseling. An employee with depression, for instance, can get counseling before their illness causes them to miss work. Workers with depression lose 5.6 productive hours of work per week*, so treating the underlying causes of that condition can go a long way toward preventing avoidable disability claims.

Counseling And Consultations

Toll-free phone consultations are available 24/7 for when your employees need them most. They can also take advantage of three counseling sessions (either face-to-face or via LiveHealth Online), legal consultation, and financial counseling at no cost.

Online Tools And Resource Finder

Members can use our online tools to manage debt, create state-specific and living wills, tackle investment planning, and more. Our Resource Finder is a powerful database to help members search for child and elder care, locate colleges, and find other practical information relevant to everyday life.

Identity Monitoring And Recovery

Members can register for identity protection at no cost. If their identity is stolen, fraud resolution specialists can help with recovery, getting credit report reviews, and placing fraud alerts on credit reports no matter how many times their identity is compromised.

* SOURCE: The High Cost of Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness, January 2010

You Have Choices

Anthem offers a variety of group disability plan options and funding arrangements.

We offer employer paid, contributory, and voluntary short- and long-term disability plans for employers to choose the option that best fits their budgets, along with Administrative Services Only (ASO) short term disability plans. Fees for absence and leave administration programs are based on the programs chosen.

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