How Empire Is Transforming Healthcare Advocacy

Jul 12,2022

Read Time 2 Minutes

Our new end-to-end advocacy solution is built on trust, informed by data, and strengthened through provider partnerships.


Siloed systems and disconnected data have led to a fragmented healthcare system — one in which doctors, hospitals, and health plans don’t have access to the complete picture of an individual’s health, and the individuals themselves experience frustration as they try to navigate multiple benefit programs, administrators, and care providers. At a time when all other details in their lives seem connected, people are expecting more from the healthcare system as well.

Total Health Connections, Empire’s evolved advocacy strategy, eliminates this fragmentation. Rather than adding another disconnected layer, this advocacy model seamlessly integrates a customer’s benefit offerings and enables Empire to connect with care providers in real-time to deliver a simple, intuitive, guided, and personalized healthcare experience.


With Total Health Connections, dedicated family advocates help individuals access the care and support they need in the moments that matter — connecting them to proactive, whole health care that leads to improved outcomes and lower costs. It’s advocacy that’s built on trust, informed by real-time data, and strengthened through deep provider partnerships.


Real-Time Data And Analytics


Transforming data from more than 10 billion medical records into powerful, data-driven healthcare insights feeds a more predictive, proactive, and personalized experience that only Empire can provide. We stay one step ahead by looking beyond the expected to anticipate every need and prevent future problems. This person-centered care model includes identifying socioeconomic and cultural barriers to health in real time, so we can bridge health gaps and improve outcomes.


Healthcare Expertise


Advocates leverage technology, tools, and data to build trust and understand social drivers of health for more meaningful care navigation. This team connects individuals to the health resources, expert care, family support, or community resources they need. Advocates also collaborate with an in-house team of clinicians with healthcare expertise in dozens of medical specialties. 


Provider Relationships


Our strategy relies on partnership and collaboration with more than 1.7 million doctors and hospitals in our nationwide network. These provider relationships and a shared vision of improving patient health has allowed us to establish the most value-based care arrangements. Together, we’ve established real-time bidirectional data sharing through electronic medical record integration that enables providers to deliver high-quality, coordinated whole health care.


Consistent with our mission, Empire has cared for Americans for more than 75 years. The only things that have changed are the data, tools, and technology we have leveraged to provide this service. This history of innovation and constantly evolving to meet changing needs has led to today’s Total Health Connections.


By connecting people, data, and technology in a meaningful way, Total Health Connections untangles the complexity of healthcare,  leading to improved outcomes and ensuring individuals experience healthcare in a way that is simple, guided, intuitive, and personalized.