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Information for New York

Empire Family Dental Insurance Plans in New York

Looking for affordable family dental coverage? From pediatrics to adults, Empire’s got you covered.

Check out the advantages of Empire Family Dental Plans

  • Coverage
    Our family dental plans cover everyone — children and adults
  • Waiting Periods
    There are no waiting periods on the services included in the Pediatric Dental Essential Health Benefit (EHB)
  • Annual Limits
    There are no annual or lifetime benefit limits for pediatric-age kids
  • Annual Benefit Maximums
    Instead of an annual benefit maximum, children have an out-of-pocket maximum: $350 per child ($700 per family) in a year
  • Out-of-Pocket Limits
    Families will not be charged more than $350 out of pocket for one child and capped at $700 total for two or more children
  • Premiums
    You will not be charged premiums on more than three children

Costs for covered services may increase when you visit a dentist outside the network. Save money by choosing a provider in your plan.

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