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Term Life Insurance in New York

We're sorry, we currently do not offer term life insurance in New York.  We do offer dental and vision insurance options for you and your whole family. 

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Peace of mind made easy

To make things even easier, we've made it simpler to get coverage:

  • There’s no medical exam required
  • If you also have a health plan with us, you’ll only get one bill for health and life coverage
  • The term life insurance options are available with Anthem's Health Coverage or without – it’s your choice

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The initial rates for term life insurance are based on your age at the time the policy is issued and are subject to change in accordance with the published rate table. The policy is issued for a one-year term, renewable at the policyholder's option. Term life insurance is subject to the written provisions of the policy. The policy contains exclusions and limitations, including the exclusion for death due to suicide for the first two years (first year in Missouri) the policy is in force. The policy will terminate at age 65.