Medicare Part D Drug Plans In New York With Empire

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs not covered by Original Medicare (Parts A and B). Empire offers several Part D options to provide you with medication coverage.

What is Medicare Part D?


Medicare Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs not covered by Original Medicare.  If you live in New York, Empire offers  Medicare Advantage Plans  that include prescription drug benefits and more. If you’re looking for a standalone Part D plan without medical coverage, Empire offers Blue Rx drug plans in New York.  


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Is a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan right for you?


  • You’re enrolled in Original Medicare, Parts A or B

  • You live in our plan service area

  • You’re not receiving any prescription drug coverage through an employer or your union  

  • You’d like help lowering your prescriptions drug costs

  • You want coverage for prescriptions in the future, even if you don’t take any right now


  • Your union, employer, or a former employer is providing you with drug coverage

  • You are not a U.S citizen or lawfully present in the United States








Medicare Part D Plan Options


Empire offers Medicare Part D plans with excellent coverage, competitive monthly premiums, and low or no deductibles.


Our network includes thousands of pharmacies across the country—many of which are preferred pharmacies. These pharmacies participate in Empire’s network and typically offer covered drugs at lower out-of-pocket costs than non-preferred pharmacies. 

MediBlue Rx Standard Part D Plan

  • Deductibles starting at $325

  • Select list of covered drugs

  • $1 to $4 copays for most generic drugs at preferred pharmacies


MediBlue Rx Plus Part D Plan

  • $0 deductible

  • Broad list of covered drugs

  • $1 to $3 copays for most generic drugs at preferred pharmacies


Explore  Empire's Blue Rx Part D plans  or learn more about  Medicare Part D coverage. 




Does Empire cover your prescriptions?

Use our prescription search tool to find out if we cover your medications.


Medicare Part D Costs


The cost of your Medicare prescription drug coverage can depend on your income and the type of plan you purchase. People with higher incomes may pay slightly more in premiums. The Medicare Part D coverage gap is another important factor in understanding your costs. Find out more in our detailed article on Medicare Part D costs.


Learn more about Medicare Part D costs 



Need help paying for prescription drugs?


Eligible Medicare beneficiaries may qualify for prescription drug assistance through the federal program Extra Help.

Understanding Part D Drug Coverage


Here are some common terms you may run into when comparing Medicare Part D plans.

Quantity Limits

For safety reasons, your plan may limit the amount of medication you can receive at one time. If your prescription is in excess of safety guidelines or refilled too soon, your doctor may need to contact us for approval.

Prior Authorization

Some prescription drugs require your doctor to obtain prior approval and submit documentation of medical necessity before the plan will cover it.

Drug Tiers

All drugs covered by your plan are divided into pricing tiers. Generally, generic drugs fall into the lowest tiers and are the most affordable. Brand name and specialty drugs are in higher tiers that cost more.

Step Therapy

Step therapy helps keep costs down while ensuring you get the most effective drug available. For some health conditions, the plan requires you to try a less costly, clinically effective drug before “stepping up” to a more costly one.

Drug Plan Exceptions

You and your doctor have the right to request exceptions set by your drug plan. You can request exceptions from step therapy and quantity limits, or request a lower cost-sharing amount for some drugs. Talk to your doctor about requesting an exception.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)


The Medication Therapy Management program helps members with multiple health conditions understand and use their medications safely. The program is designed to help you and your doctor ensure the medications you take are working together to improve your health.


Learn more about MTM 

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Original Medicare: Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance).

Empire BlueCross BlueShield is a Medicare Advantage plan with a Medicare contract. Empire BlueCross BlueShield is a SNP plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the state Medicaid program. Enrollment in Empire BlueCross BlueShield depends on contract renewal.