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Group Medicare Health Insurance

We deliver plans designed to give your clients' retirees richer benefits while keeping plan sponsor costs down. Empire offers top-tier prescription plans, PPOs and HMOs, plus integrated Medicare Advantage solutions that combine Medicare Parts A & B, prescription drug, health and wellness, vision and dental into one high-quality plan.

Through our partnership, we can transition your clients' retirees to a customized health insurance plan that meets their unique needs. Backed by our brand strength, Star ratings, and robust national network, we can help plan sponsors achieve sustainable savings and better member outcomes.

The Empire Difference

Our Empire Group Medicare strategy relies on three core pillars: pricing stability and predictability, retiree-first practices and smart, strategic execution. With these pillars as our foundation, we utilize data and innovative tactics to deliver sustainable, solutions to our clients, resulting in healthier, happier retirees.

We also offer customizable plans —from co-pays to benefit levels, we can match existing coverage to ensure continuity from the plan sponsor's current plan to our group Medicare Advantage product. 

Many plans rated 4 Stars or higher by CMS

Access a national network of over 640,000+ Medicare doctors, specialists, and hospitals

90% member satisfaction rating among retirees

(Source: 2021 Anthem Customer Service metric analysis)

Group Medicare Advantage Plans

We help our clients provide their retirees greater access, lower costs and higher quality care through:

  • Fully-insured plans with lower, fixed premiums and reduced OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) liability
  • Option to design a tailored medical and/or prescription drug plan
  • Holistic care programs that focus on keeping retirees healthy and closing gaps in care
  • Seamless transition to our Medicare Advantage plan

Please email us to learn more about our plans. 

Access to Services and Programs Designed to Keep Retirees Healthy and Productive

Our health care management strategy ensures that every retiree, regardless of health status or geography, has the support needed to live a healthy life. Not only do our plans offer lower out-of-pocket costs, but they are embedded with comprehensive offerings that support the health of all retirees no matter where they may fall on the health spectrum.

Empire's Medicare Product Portfolio

Group Medicare Advantage
Prescription Drug Plans
Customizable Additional Benefits
Individual Medicare Options

Why Empire Medicare Advantage

Our Group Medicare Advantage plans provide your clients and their retirees with more value than traditional Medicare.

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