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Health & Wellness
A total health solution that helps members become more healthy, or live better with a condition, while lowering the cost of health care.

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Individual Health Plans

Health Plans
Health Care Plans
Network Options
Payment Options and Subsidies
Individuals under age 65 and their families can buy health care coverage from Empire BlueCross or Empire BlueCross BlueShield, or on The New York State of Health Marketplace, the state’s Health Insurance Marketplace (also called the Marketplace).  
Individual health Care Plans
This plan covers 60% of healthcare costs and the member is responsible for 40%.*
This plan covers 70% of health care costs and the member is responsible for 30%.*
This plan covers 80% of health care costs and the member is responsible for 20%.*.
This plan covers 90% of health care costs and the member is responsible for 10%.*
Catastrophic Plans
Our Catastrophic plans are available on and off the exchange to applicants under age 30, or to applicants 30 years of age or older with a hardship exemption. All applicants must meet basic eligibility requirements for these plans. 
Network Options
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
With an HMO, your clients have to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to manage their health care needs. The PCP also gives referrals to see other doctors. HMOs don’t offer benefits out of the network, except for emergency and urgent care, or when a service is preauthorized. If members go outside the network for any reason, they’ll have to pay 100% out of their own pocket.
Payment Options and Subsidies
Premiums for Individual plans are paid directly by the member. We offer a several payment options to help make this easy for your client.  
Automatic bank withdrawal (also called bank draft)
Check or money order
ePayBill online payment through WebPay portal
WebPay automatic payments with Visa or MasterCard
Pay by phone using credit card or bank account
The member’s personal banking online bill-pay service
Your client may qualify for a tax credit subsidy or cost-share reduction on Silver plans purchased on The New York State of Health Marketplace.
Your clients should check with you for more information and to find out if they will qualify for a tax credit or subsidy if they decide to buy coverage on The New York State of Health Marketplace.
Subsidies are not available with plans sold off the exchange.
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