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Blue View Vision


Blue View VisionSM Insurance

Vision insurance coverage can help employers save in more ways than one 
Eye exams are often early indicators of major health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestrol.1 And, of course, early detection can mean lower health care costs for everyone. But did you know that vision disorders account for a 20 percent decrease in employee performance annually?2  
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Visit our Eye Health Resource Center to learn more about how your vision affects your overall health
View the Blue View Vision plans
Choose Blue View Vision, one of the most flexible vision plans you’ll see 
44,000+ providers and provider locations, including:

Independent practitioners

Popular retail locations, such as LensCrafters®, Target Optical®, Sears OpticalSM, JCPenney® Optical, Pearle Vision® and New York based Davis Vision and Empire Vision Centers – offering convenient evening and weekend hours

Prescription eyewear delivered quickly – in as little as one hour in some locations
Customer service hours among the longest in the industry
Rich benefits include a generous $130 standard frame allowance (that applies to just about every frame the provider has in-stock) 3 or a $130 elective contact lens allowance
Array of plans to choose from, including exam-only and full service
Outstanding savings program 
20 percent off the balance when members select a frame greater than their plan allowance
15 percent to 40 percent off materials not covered by their plan (i.e. extra pairs of glasses, conventional contacts, lens treatments)
And the savings program can be used for unlimited purchases — even after vision benefits are exhausted. 
With Empire’s SpecialOffers program, members can receive discounts of 15 percent to 20 percent and free shipping on contact lens orders. But, glasses or contacts may not be the answer for everyone. That’s why we offer further savings with discounts on refractive surgery. Pay a discounted amount per eye for vision correction. For more information, visit the SpecialOffers web site and select Vision, Hearing & Dental. 
Easy-to-use benefits 
To find a provider, members just click Find a Doctor or call customer service using the number on the back of their ID card. And Blue View Vision providers take care of all paperwork.  
Discover Blue View Vision for yourself 
and see how convenient it is to have one company, and one point of contact, for your health and vision insurance coverage needs. Contact your broker or Empire sales representative today for a quote. 
Customer Service 1-866-723-0515 
For more information about Empire’s Managed Vision Care plan —benefits provided by Davis Vision 
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