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October 13 
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October 13, 2011 – New York, NY – The Guinness Book of World Records now has decidedly local angle, thanks to an innovative collaboration between Empire BlueCross Blue Shield Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs across the Empire State. 
“We’re proud to announce today that thanks to the hard work and energy of Boys & Girls Clubs throughout New York, a new Guinness World Record for Star Jumps (Jumping Jacks) has been set,” said Mark Wagar, president of Empire BlueCross BlueShield. 
“On behalf of our associates, I congratulate and applaud all the Boys & Girls Club members who jumped their way to a new World Record earlier this year. By taking part in this event you’ve inspired all of us to reach for new heights and to make healthy, active lifestyles a part of our daily lives.” 
This past spring, Boys & Girls Clubs in New York joined their peers to break the Guinness World Record for the most people doing “jumping jacks” – or “star jumps” – at the same time. To break the record, more than 278 people needed to complete the attempt. In all, 20,425 Boys & Girls Club members, staff and volunteers completed the required two minutes of jumping. Official certification of the new world record was recently received from Guinness World Records (Guinness). 
The jumping event occurred simultaneously at 362 Boys & Girls Clubs across the country through Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA) Triple Play program. This program, supported by founding sponsor Coca-Cola and the Empire BlueCross BlueShield Foundation, encourages kids to eat healthier, become more physically active and increase their ability to engage in healthy relationships. 
Jumping jacks are called star jumps in some countries, because the arms, legs and head form a five-pointed star. The record achieved by the Boys & Girls Clubs is defined by Guinness as “the most people star jumping simultaneously at multiple venues for two consecutive minutes.”  
New grants to expand Triple Play programming 
Also today, the Empire BlueCross BlueShield Foundation announced new grants to expand Triple Play programming at Boys & Girls Clubs in New York. 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Harlem is receiving a $10,000 start up grant to implement Triple Play programming for the first time at their sites. 
Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club at Lincoln House is receiving a $1,500 Gamesroom Festival grants will bring Club members together for fun competitions that challenge their minds and build friendships. 
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports childhood obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1980,” said Wagar. “This means that our kids are less healthy than their parents were at the same age, and it means that our kids face increased risk of lifelong health challenges such as heart disease and diabetes unless we do something to help them learn healthy habits.” 
A recent study of more than 2,000 children ages 9-14 who attend Boys & Girls Clubs showed that Triple Play succeeded in getting them to exercise more, eat healthier foods and feel better about themselves. Triple Play kids increased to 90 percent of the federally recommended amount of daily exercise, which is 60 minutes a day for children, while their peers outside the program decreased to 78 percent. 
“Triple Play has rapidly become one of the most popular programs offered at Boys & Girls Clubs across the country,” said Wayne Moss, BGCA’s senior director of Sports, Fitness and Recreation. “We’re thrilled to have Empire BlueCross BlueShield Foundation as a co-sponsor of the program and for the work they are doing to make sure that we are able to bring Triple Play to additional youth. The Empire BlueCross BlueShield Foundation is truly committed to improving the health of kids and families, and these grants will make an immediate, positive difference in the lives and the futures of our Club members.” 
Empire BlueCross BlueShield is committed to addressing health disparities and improving public health in New York. Through its State Health Index – a compilation of public health measures – the health plan continually works to identify the issues most in need of attention and directs its charitable support and volunteer efforts toward improving health in those areas. The $11,500 in start-up and supplementary grants announced today are part of a three-year, $5 million commitment from Empire BlueCross BlueShield’s parent company foundation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America to promote youth health. 
“Both of these efforts truly represent an ongoing partnership in health,” said Wagar. “We strongly feel that by encouraging active lifestyles at a young age, we are helping support a healthier future for our children.” 
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