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Group Term Life Coverage
When faced with a loss, employees want to know that they can count on prompt, convenient benefit payments. But our life insurance plans provide more than just a benefit check.

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Group Disability Coverage
No one plans on experiencing a disabling illness or injury. But illnesses and accidents do happen, and our disability insurance plans provide more than just income replacement in case of disability. Our plans also provide the kind of support employees need to help them get back to health, back to work and back to life.

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Group Disability Products

No one plans to be disabled. But accidents and illnesses do happen, and our disability insurance plans help replace income so employees can focus on what’s most important – getting better.  
When their benefit plan includes Anthem Life & Disability Insurance Company’s (Anthem Life) group disability insurance products, employers know they are offering a competitive benefit package that not only protects employees and their families, but also helps attract and retain excellent employees.   
This section includes:  

Group Short Term Disability Insurance

Group Long Term Disability Insurance

Group short term disability insurance (STD)  
Anthem Life’s short term disability insurance pays benefits for employees when their income is temporarily interrupted by an accident or sickness. Weekly benefits are usually based on a percentage of earnings.   
We offer a wide variety of plan design options. Benefits may begin as early as the first day for a disability due to an accident. For disabilities caused by sickness, benefits typically begin on the 8th or 15th day of disability. Most plans provide benefits for up to 13 or 26 weeks of disability.   
If employees have to limit their duties or work reduced hours because of a disability, partial disability benefits can help bridge the income gap while they return to full capacity.   
Group long term disability insurance (LTD)  
A serious disability takes away more than an individual’s earnings – it can take away their sense of control over their own life. Anthem Life believes disability protection should provide the support and assistance necessary to help the individual return to a healthy and productive life.   
We believe the key to recovery is the understanding that having a disability does not mean that a person is disabled. We create a rehabilitation plan specific to each individual, then provide extensive support services to help them achieve maximum recovery, one manageable step at a time.   
A range of plan design options can customize the plan. Monthly benefits are generally based on a percentage of the employee’s pre-disability earnings. Benefits usually begin after 30, 60, 90, or 180 days of disability. Many plans offer benefits to age 65; other common benefit maximums are 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years.   
Our standard plans include coverage for normal pregnancy the same as any disability, cost of living freezes to limit benefit reductions when payments from other sources increase, special coverage for recurrent disabilities, waiver of premium during disability payments, and survivor benefits. Other options are available.   
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